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Natural Image OC is based on the premise that cosmetic surgery doesn’t have to leave you looking as if you had surgery. “Old School” surgical techniques created over-tightened, flat, wind-swept appearances that shouted “I’ve had plastic surgery!” Who wants that??

Dr. Sikorski’s earlier training in Fine Arts gave her plenty of background in understanding how to create – and recreate – natural facial contours through surgery.

For 15 years she perfected artistic talents through drawing, painting and sculpting as a primary educational pursuit. Transitioning into Cosmetic Surgery put those finely honed skills and training to work right away.

An artist’s trained eye can see the end result before it even occurs – Why is this important?
Tightening, lifting and trimming are only part of the surgical process. Knowing where to add volume, where to lift and tighten and where and how much to trim is equally important. If the facial contours are not respected, the entire process can flatten features to the point that you can look not only unnatural, but quite unlike yourself altogether.

Being capable of envisioning the effects of surgery – before it occurs – means the difference between okay results, great results, or in some cases, outright bad results. Surgery is art and requires many of the same talents.

Challenging the cookie cutter approach
It became a challenge to tweak the standard surgical techniques to fit with what Dr. Sikorski knew was artistically required. A change of incision placement, a subtle alteration of suture tension, a less aggressive draping of the skin – with a sharp eye and comprehensive anatomical assessment, it became apparent that with surgery, like art, it was the little things that made the big differences.

Patients can forget worrying about looking like they’ve been “done” or looking like a caricature of themselves. The aim is to look natural, well-rested, refreshed and energetic.

The Inside – Outside Job
Structural changes usually call for some type of finishing on the outside. Aging takes its toll by deflating the natural volume of the skin with resultant sagging. These changes can be easily managed with surgical techniques that tighten loose muscle structures and remove excess skin. But what about the skin that covers this new structure? Doesn’t it need a bit of attention too? And what about those who don’t need or want surgery?

Dr. Sikorski implements the full Dermatology arsenal – Lasers, Dermal Fillers, Rejuvenative Light sources, Chemical Peels, skin-nourishing dermaceuticals to replace lost moisture, improve color balance, protect and restore luminosity. If you elect to have cosmetic surgery, why not complete the remodeling with new “fabric” in the way of smoother more evenly toned skin?

Surgery doesn’t always make all the changes you need or want, so that’s where the dermatology procedures complete the transformation.

The No-Surgery Options
Does everyone with aging issues need surgery? Absolutely not. And it’s not uncommon to discover that many non surgical options are completely adequate to accomplish the changes you’re interested in.

Deciding What You Need – A Consultation with Answers
It’s hard to decide what you really need on your own, Will it be fillers only? Will BOTOX® Cosmetic handle the wrinkles that make you older than you want to look? Is laser the way to go? Is surgery the only true effective choice?

Your consultation with Dr. Sikorski and our Patient Care Coordinator, Michelle Stewart is complimentary. You’ll get straight answers and an education at the same time. It’s important to understand why certain procedures are recommended and how they impact the kind of changes you want to achieve. In the end, the final choices are always yours and you’ll feel secure that your decisions are founded on knowledge and understanding.