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"When I saw my reflection in that department store window, I knew I had to do something!" Carole

Most of us choose cosmetic procedures because we simply want to look better. It's a perfectly natural choice and more and more people are deciding they deserve to invest in their appearance.

Looking better = Feeling better = Better quality of life. Plus, it's something you get to enjoy every day for a long long time!

Cosmetic procedures range from simple to fairly complex and the selection of a single of combination of procedures are based on what you need to achieve the look you want.

Endoscopic Browlift and Laser Resurfacing
Endoscopic Browlift and Laser Resurfacing
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Where to start on your potential journey to the "new you"?

First, do your homework. The internet is a great place to educate yourself. Understanding what specific procedures can accomplish, learning what kind of doctor is qualified to perform them, and viewing some photographic representations will give you the most realistic expectations. Wild promises are generally just that, so be sure you steer clear of cookie cutter operations that promise incredible results that sound "too good to be true".

At Natural Image OC Dr. Sikorski specializes in 1) facial soft tissue cosmetic surgery and 2) body contouring with liposuction. Surgical rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, breast augmentation or invasive full body lifts are procedures she's chosen not to offer because, "Any surgeon who says he or she is a specialist in everything is probably overstating. Most surgeons discover what they're best at early in their careers and develop that potential. For me it's facial surgery and lipo-contouring. When patients are interested in other procedures, I refer to specific rhinoplasty surgeons, augmentation surgeons or others who I know are capable of doing the best work."

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What surgeries are available at Natural Image OC?


  • ActiveLift for early aging and beginning facial sagging. The ActiveLift is Dr. Sikorski's trademarked mini-lift that uses short incisions along with permanent internal lifting sutures.
  • Standard SMAS Facelift for moderate to more advanced facial aging with visible jowling, a dropped neck and generalized sagging.
  • Jowl Lift for those experiencing isolated jowly prominence and sagging ins this area. If you have a firm facial structure with normal neck contours, this may be an option instead of normal face lift surgery.
  • Neck Lift for the dreaded laxity that is often the most tell-tale sign of aging. Often combined with liposuction to achieve a firm contour. A favorite surgery for men who want to restore a more chiseled masculine profile. There are variations of the necklift that may or may not include internal permanent sutures that tighten the platysma muscles.
  • Browlift for raising the entire frontal brow area - opening up the face and permanently removing frown lines.
  • Eyelift surgery, both for upper eye hooding and sagging lids and lower eye bags, opens the eye and resolves the tired look that comes with excess skin and dark circles. Upper Blepharoplasty and Lower Blepharolplasty are often accomplished in a single procedure.


  • Fat Pad Removal specific to those with "chubby cheeks" or "chipmunk cheeks". Generally this simple surgery is performed from inside the mouth so there are no external sutures or scars.
  • Cheek or chin implants for creating a more defined profile or more prominent cheekbones. Chin implants are a simple way for men to regain a more rugged masculine profile.
  • Facial Liposuction for gently removing accumulated fat deposits under the chin. Another popular simple procedure appreciated by men of all ages as well as women. Fine cannula liposuction is ideal for fat deposits that are difficult to eliminate by diet alone.
  • Fat transfer utilizes fat taken from liposuction to augment facial areas


  • Erbium full surface peels for removing sun damaged tissue, wrinkles along with a visible level of overall tightening.
  • Fractional CO2 resurfacing for low downtime micro-dot resurfacing and acne scarring. Often both these lasers are used in tandem to take advantage of the additional tightening that comes with CO2 laser. (Technically fractional CO2 is not considered surgery and is becoming popular as a single dermatological procedure)


  • CoolSculpting targets fat cells alone, eliminating them in an easy, non-intrusive fashion that exercise and diet can’t achieve as quickly or as effectively CoolScultping ® and permanently removes fat cells from the body.


  • For removing fat deposits in the hips, thighs, abdomen, back, arms and knees. Liposuction permanently removes fat cells from the body.
"Cosmetic surgeons are dedicated to the art of cosmetic surgery. Their strong knowledge base, high level of training and practical experience make them among the most qualified physicians to perform cosmetic procedures. In fact, BOTOX® Cosmetic, laser technology and tumescent liposuction (widely regarded as the best type of liposuction) were developed by ophthalmologists and dermatologists." Be Wise About Beauty

Costs of Cosmetic Surgery

At Natural Image OC we maintain a top-level integrated, AAAHC accredited outpatient surgery center. This helps reduce the costs of cosmetic surgery because we are not tied to the additional costs of a satellite surgical center..nor do any "overtime" costs accrue from extra surgery time or anesthesiologist fees. In the end, this can save up to 25% over what many surgeries might cost elsewhere.

Starting Point To Learn What's Right For You

Not sure where to start? Give us a call and chat with our patient coordinator Michelle. Call the office at (949) 448-0487 or Request a callback through this online form.

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