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Jowl Lift In Orange County

As a major contributor to visible aging, the jowls are often the first significant “problem” that we face. Tightening this area will easily make you look both younger and slimmer. If neck skin is loose or redundant, a necklift can be added, with or without placation (simple tight fold) of the platysma muscle. This achieves a cohesive, crisp contour from the lower face to the chest.

Jowl Lift with Minor Liposuction

Patient of Dr. Sikorski. Jowl Lift with
Minor Liposuction. Individual results may vary

Dr. Sikorski will make small incisions and mobilize the skin and soft tissues of the lower face and jawline (and in most cases, the neck), advancing them upward and laterally to eliminate sagging (jowls) and provide the appearance of improved skin tone. The excess skin is removed. View incision and permanent suture locations for more exact explanation.

"With local anesthesia it was virtually painless for me with minimal discomfort. With pre and post op directions I had very little bruising, pain or swelling. The Arnica cream with Vitamin K does work. Dr. Lenore and her staff were excellent." Donna T.

Jowl Lift Helped Me Regain My Youth

Liposuction as component of Jowl Lift

Actual removal of jowl fat can be done with liposuction, and this will reduce their size. This can be done alone or in conjunction with some form of a facelift. Liposuction aimed at reducing the fat causing saggy jowls usually involves a very small incision below the chin. This is a very common area for liposuction and an easy solution to excess fat under the chin and in the jowl.

Liposuction as component of Jowl Lift

Liposuction is performed by inserting a special instrument (a cannula) beneath the skin through a tiny incision placed below the chin. Suction connected to the cannula removes the unwanted fat cells. After the fat is removed, the overlying skin shrinks to create a smooth appearance. The more elastic the skin, the better the result. Dr. Sikorski uses a fine cannula to reduce the potential for any “pebbling” that is sometimes seen with larger instrument usage.

Liposuction performed in this office is for the lower face and neck.

Patients who are concerned with sagging jowls may have laxity of the neck area as well, in which case a weekend necklift or modified necklift can be useful to create a clean line and contour.

When performed alone, liposuction of the jowls must be done very carefully and conservatively. Incorrectly or overdone or with an unsuitable cannula size and you will have irregularities that are apparent in the overlying skin. When jowl liposuction is performed as part of a facelift, the lifting and tightening of the skin usually eliminates this concern.

“I’m sometimes asked about advertised thread-only liftsand why I do not offer this type of procedure. Although these procedures are advertised as “non surgical”, they still rely on undermining tissue beneath the skin. To go to this length of tissue separation for an undeterminable outcome both from a recovery and cost perspective makes little sense. A simple surgical jowlift requires no more recovery time, is far more accurate in scope and guarantees results.” Dr. Sikorski

Jowl Lift vs Barbed Suture "closed" lifts

In these thread procedures, barbed sutures are passed deep into the cheek and facial tissue above the jowl area and cinched up from above. No excess skin is removed; rather it is “bunched” and theoretically will flatten on its own. For very minor degrees of jowling, this has some short term if fragile results; but neither are usually effective with typical amounts of jowling. From our past experience, the long-term results with these procedures tend to be disappointing.

Who is a candidate for a Jowl Lift?

The best candidate for a jowl lift is a man or woman who has experiences soft tissue atrophy and a slight recession of the mandible. Most patients are in their forties to seventies, but jowl lifts can be done successfully on people in their eighties as well. The best candidates are men and women physically healthy, psychologically stable and are realistic in their expectations.

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